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December 22, 2011:
Susan is temporarily not doing any portrait work because of some medical issues with her hands that limit the amount of time she can work with her camera. Look for her return to maternity portraiture in the spring of 2012.



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What Are Maternity Portraits?

Your maternity portrait is what you want it to be!

Albuquerque Maternity Portraits and Susan Graham, photographer, know that a maternity portrait is so much more than just a picture of a pregnant woman! Every woman is unique, and every pregnancy is different. Thoughts, moods, self-image, joys, concerns, relationships -- all change and shift throughout the wonderous time of pregnancy.

Albuquerque Maternity Portraits tries to capture whatever part or parts of a pregnancy a woman or couple wishes to preserve as a beautiful memory.

What distinguishes Albuquerque Maternity Portraits from others is that Susan Graham, photographer, is a Board Certified Obstetrician/Gynecologist in practice in Albuquerque for twenty years, a social anthropologist, and a mother. She understands the many moods and moments of pregnancy.

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There are so many possibilities for you to consider before your portrait creation session. Here are a few to think about:

  • Do you wish to be photographed alone, possibly in black and white, to capture the introspective you?

  • Do you wish to be photographed with your husband or partner? What would you like for such a portrait to reveal? Your love for each other? The joy you both share as you await the arrival of your baby? The awe your partner feels at your changing body?

  • Do you already have a child or children you would like to include in your portrait?

  • With whom do you want to share your memories? A portrait designed to be shared only between partners will be different from one designed to be shared with the world or from one designed to be shared with your child as s/he grows up. Albuquerque Maternity Portraits offers a variety of options for your expression at this time.

  • Cultural diversity is one of the beauties of New Mexico. Do you have an item unique to your heritage that you would like to have included in your maternity portrait?

Albuquerque Maternity Portraits will work with you to provide portraits of the beautiful memories you wish to preserve.

Individuals, traditional couples, nontraditional couples, and/or children are equally welcome. For open adoptions, sessions with the birth mother and adoptive parents can be arranged.*

The standard session includes three changes of outfits, so you will have a variety of shots from which to choose finished portraits. As you pick the outfits you will bring to your session, keep in mind the kind of portrait you would like to have created. See Preparation for how to prepare for your portrait session.

Be sure to view the Maternity Gallery.

*Just a word about partners. As you can tell by looking at the Maternity Gallery I love to photograph expecting couples. But each partner is different, just as each couple is different. Some partners are camera-shy, and others are not. If your partner wants to come along but not participate in the actual shoot, that is fine. I can always use an extra hand with equipment. If your partner wants to enjoy the portraits later, but does not want to be at the shoot at all, that also is fine. The best portraits come from sessions when all involved are participating because they want to be. I'll work with you in any way to produce the portraits that are right for you.

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