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December 22, 2011:
Susan is temporarily not doing any portrait work because of some medical issues with her hands that limit the amount of time she can work with her camera. Look for her return to maternity portraiture in the spring of 2012.


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Preparing for Your Portrait Creation Session

Albuquerque Maternity Portraits knows that a key factor in creating beautiful portraits is having mom feel calm and relaxed. Here are a few hints to help the session go well and be fun.

The day before your session, be sure to drink plenty of water (good for skin appearance and also helps to relieve fatigue), and try to get a good night's rest. Eat lightly, but frequently, the day of your session, and continue to be sure to get plenty of water.

Plan to bring 3 - 4 changes of clothes. Solid colors and simple lines make the best portraits. Tank tops and bandeaus in black or other dark colors can be very effective. If you plan to wear tanks or bandeaus or be photographed topless, be sure not to wear a bra the day of the session (to avoid bra marks on the skin). Other tops that work well are long-sleeved white or dark shirts.

Pre-pregnancy jeans left unzipped make a great casual portrait, whether mom chooses to be topless, or with one of the tops mentioned above. Skirts with a broad band that rides under the baby bump also make for good lines in showing off the beautiful pregnant silhouette.

For a one-piece outfit, some moms like sheer nightgowns, while others like clingy knit dresses.

Finally, throwing out all of the above, be sure to bring the maternity outfit you wear all of the time - your favorite, most comfortable outfit. If you have special items or objects you would like to have included, feel free to bring them.

If your session will include a partner and/or child, it is very important that you have outfits that blend. For example, jeans and white shirts are great, as are dark pants and dark shirts. The clothes should not detract from mom and baby.

If a child or children will be included in your portrait session, morning is the best time to schedule your session. The child or children will be rested, will have eaten breakfast, and should be at their "best."

Hair and makeup should be what you feel most comfortable with.

And remember - drink plenty of water.

We're going to have some serious fun!