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December 22, 2011:
Susan is temporarily not doing any portrait work because of some medical issues with her hands that limit the amount of time she can work with her camera. Look for her return to maternity portraiture in the spring of 2012.



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Session Fees

Session fees are for time and talent used to create portraits, and do not include finished prints. The fee includes pre-session consultation, taking and preparing of the photographs, and ordering session. The photographic session itself lasts approximately 60- 90 minutes. The session fee is due at the time of booking and is nonrefundable. $125.00 plus gross receipts tax of 7.0%. A separate minimum order of $200.00 is required for prints and products. No portion of an order will be released until the order has been paid in full. We accept payment by cash, check, money order, or by credit card through PayPal.

Online Proofing

Several days after your photo session, proofs will be posted online in your own password-protected gallery. See Client Viewing. You may share your password with friends and relatives you think might like to order their own prints from your session. Payment in full is due when you order your selections.

Special Packages

A 10% discount will be given to all print orders placed and paid within 10 days of posting of proofs within your password-protected private viewing area.

Design Your Own Package! And Save!

Each person has a different idea about what he or she would like to see in a “package deal.” Rather than try to design packages for everyone, Albuquerque Maternity Portraits invites you to design your own custom package that fits your unique needs. Here is how it works – the more prints you purchase, the bigger your discount, for getting exactly the prints and products that you want. You may order prints that are all the same, or that are all different. It is your choice! These discounts may be combined with the 10% discount for ordering and paying within 10 days of posting of your proofs in your password protected viewing area! Order together with family and friends to maximize your discount! Please note that no discounts are offered on retouching and artwork.

$200 – up to $400 in prints and products: 10% discount

$400 – up to $600 in prints and products: 15% discount

$600 – up to $800 in prints and products: 20% discount

Over $800 in prints and products: 25% discount

Add-Ons after Minimum Purchase of $200:

DVD containing all of the images you purchased: $50

Accordion Wallet Booklets: $60 for 3 (minimum order of 3; additional copies are $15 each). This is the hot item for 2012.

Individual Prints

All prints are printed on professional archival paper. We offer standard, for usual color prints on professional archival paper; B&W for black and white prints on True B&W professional archival paper; and metallic, for prints on professional metallic paper.

Request a Price List

A 10% discount will be given to all print and product orders placed and paid within 10 days of posting of proofs within your password-protected private viewing area. 30 days after posting of proofs within your password-protected private viewing area, proofs will be removed. If you wish to have them reposted for another 30 days, a $25.00 reposting fee applies. All orders must be paid before any portion of the order will be released. We accept payment by cash, check, or credit card through PayPal.

Wallets (die-cut 2.5 x 3.5 inch) may be purchased when you purchase a print (any size), at 4 (same image) for $12.00, or a very special price of 48 (same image) for $50.00. The price is the same for Endura professional paper, True B&W paper, Metallic paper, and/or colorization.

Other sizes and packages available; please inquire.

We also offer Canvas Wraps, Portraits on Brushed Aluminum, and Portraits on Acrylic. Please inquire for pricing.


Retouching and Artwork.

Our standard prices include what some studios call "Presentation Finish," and they charge additional fees. Our prices include custom cropping, along with moderate retouching of blemishes, scars, stretch marks, and wrinkles. Any retouching above this stated retouching can be provided at an additional fee, with quote provided before work is done. Please inquire.


You may desire some artwork and/or special effects with your portraits. Please discuss what you would like with Susan, and request a quote.


Please note that retouching and artwork are not discounted. Susan will give you a quote for the work you request. If you decide you would like that work, payment is due before the work is done.


Gift Certificates

Maternity and/or newborn portraits make wonderful gifts for expectant and/or new parents from grandparents or groups of friends or relatives looking for the perfect shower gift. Gift certificates are available in denominations from $25.00 and up.

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Gross receipts tax added to all goods and services. Prices subject to change without notice until you have booked and paid for your session.



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